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Puck Produccions is a company based in Barcelona. We can assist with all aspects of film or tv production, including location scouting, production management, permits and sourcing Tv and film crews. Our goal is to provide foreign producers that wish to shoot in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain a production facility that is reliable, efficient, responsive and cost effective. With ever 20 years of production experience, we know how difficult it can be to shoot abroad and that is why we offer our total commitment providing for every component of production services in Barcelona and Spain, such as location scouting and fixing, casting, crew, equipment, studio, venues, insurances, visa applications process, hotel, transportation, full travel booking service, filming permissions and support, budgets and schedules, post production…

Location great places

Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain have lots of locations to offer: You´ll come across Roman ruins , Gothic and Renaissance treasures, Gaudi masterpieces, actual and innovative architecture… Catalonia has awesome landscapes: lovely coast, beaches and mountains, villages, forest, country sites, national parks… and, very important, with a pleasant weather.

Barcelona city has excellent air connections to the vast majority of Spanish, European and major intercontinental destinations. As well, the airport is just 15 minutes from the city center.

Barcelona has a huge accommodation facility from large (national and international) chains, to charming boutique hotels.

Barcelona is just the right size, everything is close at hand!

And the territory has the benefits of our great weather!

We will help you to do pre-production research, look for matching locations, propose new scenarios, provide a complete logistics and professional crew. Our goal is to optimize resources to make production effective. Puck looks after all permits and applications for shooting or filming. We are able to show you the very best places in the country to film.

Crew and equipment

Spain crews have developed a top reputation internationally. All technical fields are of a very high standard and broadly represented. Barcelona has a number of professional facility providers with all the latest technical resources : camera gear, light/grip, sound, cranes, led screen, transmissions…

Our experienced and enthusiastic production fixers are perfectly positioned to assist production companies from outside of Barcelona or Spain on anything from broadcast commercials and corporate videos to television dramas, documentaries, setting up interviews, and feature films. We have provided the full range of production management services.

Transport, catering and logistical support

A full range of production vehicles is available, with or without drivers: cars, passenger vans, make-up buses, wardrobe buses, honeywagons, catering trucks, star motorhomes, mobile generators, grip and camera trucks, etc.
We have a special attention for food and catering, we can adapt the catering to any need (vegan, gluten free, ethnic recipes).
We have good agreements with hotels for the accommodation of your crew.
We provide you personalised service and solutions. Puck will suport and help your team in Spain from the first moment.


To get the look you want for your film, television program, documentaries, interviews, tv drames, comercials, corporate videos… We identify and source actors, provide headshots and help with video casting.

We start your project together?