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Fixers, location managers and logistics

Our fixing and line production services will scout the perfect location for your shoot, and once we’ve identified your ideal location, we will acquire the relevant location permits and handle all the forms and invoicing, leaving you free to concentrate on the shoot. We are able to show you the very best places in the country to film.
Our locations scouts facilitate and look after location permit process, or studio hire. We provide a complete travel service for your crew: flights, vehicle hire, accommodation and airport transfers.  


  • We can help organise accommodation for your crew keeping in mind location, budget and safety.
  • We also have a network of reliable car rental companies across the country with knowledgeable, experienced and safe drivers.
  • Catering services with special attention for food and catering adapted to any need: vegan, gluten free, etnic recipes…
  • We can also organise your travel.
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